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Why choose speciality coffee

Why choose speciality coffee

Why choose speciality coffee
At Kindness and Co we serve speciality coffee and put a lot of time and effort in to provide you with the perfect cup, each and every time. We believe that the bean is only part of the story, you also need a great esspresso machine, grinders and baristas.

Our espresso machine is a Linea Classic from La Marzocco, a company which was founded in 1927 in Florence, by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi and has traditionally specialized in producing high end, hand-crafted professional espresso coffee machines geared towards excellence. Any speciality coffee shop will tell you the grinder is all important and we believe our Mazzer Major is simply perfect for the job.

Our beans are supplied by UE Coffee in Witney; seven years ago they set up the UK’s first and only artisan wood powered roastery. They are now one of the UK’s most respected artisan roasters and they continue to pioneer new and unique coffee roasting techniques earning then a reputation as a leader in their field for producing exceptional coffee. Our house coffee is Liquidambar, an organic single estate from Honduras and is simply heaven in a cup.

Cup Sizes

We have specifically chosen cup sizes to reflect and respect the true flavours of the coffee.

· Flat whites are served in a 7 oz cup
· Cappuccino, Americanos and Lattes are all served in an 9 oz cup

Take away drinks are all served in the same above volumes but in an 12 oz cup

As well as being passionate about great customer service our baristas are fully trained in espresso extraction, mastering milk techniques and developing latte art. Their sole aim is to ensure every cup of coffee is served with care and dedication. We have a range of full fat fresh milk, almond and oat milk to make sure we have options for everyone.

Drinking too much coffee is not good for anyone so make your daily cup one to treasure. Have an indulgent moment in our relaxed cafe and let us serve you some Kindness in a cup.


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