Work with us

At Kindness and Co we believe that life should be fun and enjoyable and so should work. Success for us is building a company where people are motivated and happy to come to work every day.

Employee owned enterprise

Kindness and Co intend to be an employee owned company where all the employees are partners in the business with their shares held in trust. To us success is providing gainful employment and a common purpose. The company is committed to the well being and happiness of all the Partners. We are open and transparent with our employees having a voice in how the company operates.

The main objective of the Partnership is to generate sufficient profit to grow the company while providing yearly bonus payments to all the staff. In addition we will make charitable donations to Plan International to finance schools in Africa. We are building our team of friendly, genuine, talented Partners who are looking for an inspiring and fun work environment. As we are a young and expanding company there will be plenty of opportunities for professional development and growth.

Join the team

If you have a shared passion for the company’s principles and are looking for a fun and fulfilling career we would love to hear from you.